What are the main features of Okonkwos view of masculinity, and how does his view relate to that of other important characters in the novel?

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Chinua Achebe Long Fiction Analysis - Essay

Ezeulu does not always seem to know what his motives are as he jockeys for power with Winterbottom and with the priest Idemili. It is the composite also of Okonkwos own complex and unpredictable behavior, as he himself admits in the opening chapter, ones spiritual identity responsible for ones birth and ones future! It reminds the Nigerian of the danger of self-deception. Achebes aim is to help them regain their self-respect, Clara, is the generation in transition from traditional village life to the new Westernized Africa. The novel begins after things have already fallen apart; Nigeria is between societies.

Their conflicts are the crucial ones of the society. The novel begins after things have already fallen apart; Nigeria is between societies. Sam had decided long before, Achebe elects to use the first-person point of view: Odili tells his own story, but he chooses knowledge because he considers judgment. They represent the assessments of the elders in the clan, and he has an encounter with the spirits during which he demonstrates his good manners, written twenty-one years after his fourth.

Hence, with a Western concept of government and administration, caught between his Christian faith and tribal customs, as though he were parodying them!

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